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Sinoz Intensive Moisturizing Hand Care Cream

Soft and Well-Groomed Hands with Shea Butter Effect

Let your hands be full of moisture with the nourishing effect of Shea Butter and Vitamin E in Sinoz Intensive Moisturizing Hand Care Cream! 50ml

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Sinoz Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream is developed to provide relief against hand dryness and cracks. Due to its intense moisturizing feature, it is effective in providing permanent softness in regular use.

Allantoin: Provides an effective moisturizer and soothes your skin with its gentle, non-irritating qualities.

Shea  Butter:  Provides  intense  oil  support,  softens  your  hand  and creates a barrier against cracks.

Panthenol: Also known as vitamin B-5. It prevents skin irritation and helps to store moisture in the skin.

Vitamin E: It nourishes the inner and outer layers of the skin and helps it to be more lively.