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Sinoz Face Whitening Cream

A Brighter and Clearer Face

Brighter, whiter and radiant skin with Sinoz Face Whitening Cream!

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Contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and licorice root which helps to lighten the skin tone. With regular use it helps to whiten and balance the skin tone visibly.

Vitamin B3: It is known for its ability to strengthen the barrier functions of the skin. It prevents excessive oil production. It protects the skin from exposure to harmful sun rays and collagen

Licorice Root: Helps your skin shine by giving it a brighter tone.

Vitamin C: Brightens your skin, evens out the color tone. Protect the skin against external factors. It prevents the formation of blemishes; provides a even toned, smooth and clear skin.

Pentavitin: It helps to visibly reduce the appearance of age spots while protecting the skin against signs of aging by providing intense moisture. Provides long-term moisture support