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Sinoz Anti Dark Spot Face Cream

A Spotless, Uni-Tone Skin

Consumer Quality Award-Winning Sinoz Blemish Cream; With its new formula containing 3% Vitamin C, it helps to even out the skin tone and provide a uniform appearance. Sinoz Blemish Cream offers a radiant appearance while targeting the perfect care against the formation of dark skin spots. 40ML

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Developed against skin blemishes caused by physical, hormonal or environmental factors. With the antioxidants in its content, it aims to prevent the formation of new spots due to external factors such as aging and sun rays. It helps you to have a spotless even-toned skin.

Licorice Root: Helps your skin shine by giving it a brighter tone.

Vitamin C: While providing a luminous appearance to the skin, it also helps the skin to gain a natural shine. It prevents the formation of blemishes and supports you to have a smooth and clear skin in one tone.

Vitamin B3: It is known for its ability to strengthen the barrier functions of the skin. It prevents excessive oil production in the skin. It is also a solution to old skin problems caused by exposure to harmful sun rays and loss of collagen. It helps tighten the pores.