About us

SİNOZ, which has been producing its products in accordance to European Standards since its establishment in 2008, has received the Consumer Quality Award as a result of the research conducted in 50 cities in 2011; and the Golden Brand Award given to companies with the least complaints by the Protection Association in 2018.

Acting with the goal of “SINOZ in every home”, the brand produces A+ products, while offers a price advantage that segment B can afford.

SINOZ’s product group is divided into three segments of professional product series, daily care series and home products. SINOZ carries out its activities both in Turkey and abroad with Fark Cosmetics B.V – Europe, founded in the Netherlands in 2016. SINOZ continues to move rapidly with the mission of making SINOZ a worldwide known brand by starting to distribute to Europe and America.

With the vision of always offering the highest quality products to its customers with a smooth shopping experience, SINOZ is constantly expanding by employing highly qualified staff and making a significant contribution to the future of our country with the added value it creates with the provided employment.

SINOZ carries out 100% domestic production in the cosmetics industry and has been reaching 100% growth every year since 2016 including export figures.

Supporting female athletes within the scope of social responsibility project, SİNOZ became the main sponsor of National Kick Boxer Sabriye Şengül in 2018 and sponsored her on a competition basis in 2019. In addition, it supports many students with scholarships and product delivery according to their needs.


To provide a perfect skin sensation to everyone who wants to value themselves with a solution-oriented product concept.


"Be Aware of Your Beauty" To be an inspiring, innovative, leading and global brand making every woman aware of her own beauty.

Working Principles

Sinoz Skin Care Products; a combination of nature and science, are produced and presented to the consumer in accordance with the needs of different skin types. While producing products targeting the solution of the problem SINOZ takes on the principles of a problem-free consumer experience, developing sense of belonging between the brand and the consumer.

* Strong R & D: SİNOZ carries out a professional production with the principle of quality and strong R & D.

* High Quality: SİNOZ manufactures with the awareness of being a top quality brand, which is the basis of its working principle.

* Global Cosmetics Brand: SİNOZ improves its production with its strong infrastructure, with the goal of becoming a global brand and a vision which makes it move forward.

* Domestic Capital | Economic Contribution | Employment: It is the symbol of a strong brand adding qualified workforce to its team, also adding value to the development of our country.

* Sustainable Technology: Adopting the principles of sustainable technology, SİNOZ adds advanced technologies to its production and services, from production to software.

* Customer Satisfaction: Production and customer satisfaction orientation built on professional ethics moves SINOZ forward. SINOZ offers its products in Turkey and to many other countries in the world providing an effective brand experience.


SİNOZ is a 100 percent domestic cosmetic brand that has received the Consumer Quality Award as a result of research conducted in 50 cities in 2011 and the Golden Brand Award given to companies with the least complaints by the Protection Association in 2018.

Human Resources

It contributes to the development of the country by recruiting people who’d support the strategies of the SİNOZ brand, who are dynamic and proactive, who’d produce and develop with the awareness of being a TEAM, who are highly motivated and who’d share the ideal of MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

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