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Sinoz Gold Beauty Serum - Double Set

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Sinoz Gold Beauty Serum - Double Set

Provide the care your face and eye contour area need with Sinoz Gold Beauty Serum - Double Set including Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum and Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum.

Category : Skin Serum

259.80 TL 99.00 TL

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Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum

Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum’s herbal extract formula provides you irradiant and firmed skin. Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum fills into wrinkles and fine lines on your skin and supports a firmer, smoother and younger appearance with it’s collagen content. It helps to prevent wrinkles around the eyes that called crow's feet and also prevent wrinkles around mouth and forehead or fine lines on mid-eyebrow area, jowl and neck saggings. Collagen is a protein that is already exists in the body but decreases over time and due to environmental factors .(malnutrition, smoking, alcohol, sun, etc.) Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum has a high rate of collagen in it’s formula in order to prevent collagen decareasing in the body.Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum’s hyaluronic acid contained formula provides moisture support that your skin needs and keeps your skin at a sufficient moisture level.The ingredients and gold powders inside helps to increase radiance of the skin, prevent signs of aging and provide moisture balance when used regularly.

How to use:

Apply sufficient amount of gel serum with circular motion to a clean face twice a day. Shake it well before use.Avoid applying around eyes.

Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum

Feel the golden effect on around eyes with Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum! Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum will provide an effective eye contour care with the miraculous effects of the Swiss Apple Extract included with Stem Cell Technology, and Macademia Seed Oil, Vitamin B3, Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid, Cress Extract and of course pure gold particles. Combining Swiss apple stem cells with gold particles in a technological environment, Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum will open a new era in eye contour care. With regular use, the loss of elasticity is noticeably reduced with a nourished, moisture-saturated eye area. The regenerating effect of gold offers an effective content with the nourishing structure of Hyaluronic Acid. It performs precise effect on the fine line appearance. It is an ideal aid to prevent age-related wrinkles.

How to use?

Suitable for all skin types. After washing your face with Sinoz Gold Soap, apply Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum to your eye contour area by massaging. Regular use of Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum is recommended twice a day in the mornings and evenings. It is applied to clean skin. Eye serum effects may vary from person to person. For an effective result it is recommended to be used along Sinoz Golden Eye Contour Mask, Sinoz Gold Soap and Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum.


Product is for adults. Keep in a cool place out of the reach of children. Carefully follow using instructions. Do not drink the serum. In case of direct contact with eyes, rinse your eyes with lukewarm water. It is recommended that those with a history of allergies test it on the wrist before use. Since the product contains gold and natural components, it is recommended to be used regularly and not to exceed its shelf life. It is a cosmetic product, not a medicine.

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Sinoz Gold Beauty Serum - Double Set

Provide the care your face and eye contour area need with Sinoz Gold Beauty Serum - Double Set including Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty Serum and Sinoz 24K Gold Eye Serum.
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